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What is Deep History?

Peter Dale Scott described Deep Politics as the notion that "in every culture and society there are facts which tend to be suppressed collectively, because of the social and psychological costs of not doing so".

"Like all other observers," Scott said, "I too have involuntarily suppressed facts and even memories about the drug traffic that were too provocative to be retained with equanimity."

In other words, there are facets of modern life which simply too disturbing for most people to spend much time thinking about. Additionally, the powers that be would prefer that people not spend much time thinking about these things, as they might bring a widespread realization that the current systems of power on this planet are deeply flawed and unjust.

Following this line of thinking, Deep History can be seen as the stories from our past which might be disruptive to the status quo. Many of these historical events are not secret per se, but nor are a part of the official narrative which the Establishment wishes to have told. This website, therefore, is dedicated to looking beneath the superficial version of history that children are taught in public schools to the dark underbelly of America's past.

Organizational Notes

Important events are listed by year, although not necessarily chronologically within that year. Most events are directly related to American agencies, although a few events of global importance have been included. To the right of each year header are listed individuals holding important offices in national government. An asterisk by the name indicates its first appearance on the timeline in the listed position. Certain affiliations are noted as a point of interest. Freemasons are indicated with a [33] after their name while members of Skull and Bones are indicated with a [322]. A list of other prominent Masons can be found here and the complete Skull and Bones roster can be found here. Icons to the left of each historical entry designate a general category for the event, and these icons may be clicked on to see a list of all events in each category.


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